About Celebrate Adoption Cincinnati

Started in 1989, Celebrate Adoption is a network of families touched by adoption.

Membership is open to families at any stage of their adoption
journey (prospective, matched, finalized, etc.) who have formed their family through any means (agency, foster-to-adopt, domestic, international, etc.). Although the group was originally started with Adoption Connection, a Cincinnati-based adoption agency, membership is open to anyone who adopted through any means or agency.

Annual family membership dues are just $40. Membership includes ALL programs—plus monthly discussion groups, educational workshops, holiday party, annual picnic, Celebration of Women Touched by Adoption, and more—AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Through discussion groups, educational programs and social activities, member families benefit from the experiences of one another. Activities include an annual holiday party, spring picnic, and summer playgroups. All events are facilitated by a licensed social worker with 20+ years of personal and professional adoption expertise, guiding families as they gain a better understanding of the unique developmental challenges that adoption may present to both child and family.

Benefits of Adoption Support

  • Gain support from others who understand the unique issues faced by adoptive families
  • Benefit from the experience of other members about dealing with challenging issues
  • Learn about resources available in the community that serve adoptive families

Groups, Seminars and Workshops

  • Monthly Adoption Discussion Groups (except July and August)
  • School Presentations to Educators
  • How to Talk Adoption with Children
  • Talking Adoption at School
  • Creating a Lifebook for Your Child
  • Educating Extended Family Members
  • Developmental Stages of Adopted Children

Membership Information

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