Celebrate All The Feels of Adoptive Parenting

Adoption lovingly brings families together, but it can have its challenges too.

Celebrate Adoption is a community of adoptive/foster parents that “get it”. We’ve been in your shoes and can offer an ear, a tissue and a lot of laughs. Celebrate Adoption is a network of families formed by adoption, and at various stages of the adoption process. Join us if you are just starting out on this journey or your adoption has been finalized for years.

We welcome all members of the foster and adoptive community.

Started in 1989 with the support of a local adoption agency, Celebrate Adoption is led by a licensed social worker with extensive adoption experience, who understands the unique challenges of adoption on the child and his/her family.

What We Do

Through discussion groups, educational programs and social activities such as summer playgroups, a spring picnic and the holiday party, families can benefit from the collective experiences of the group. The annual Intertwined Through Adoption event brings together adoptees, birthmothers and adoptive family members in April ahead of Mother’s Day. The ceremony includes tender readings and an activity that celebrates the unique experiences of women in adoption.

Shared Insight
  • Get encouragement from others who have an understanding of the unique issues adoptive families face
  • Benefit from the experiences of other members in dealing with challenging issues
  • Learn about community resources that serve adoptive families
Educational Support
  • Monthly adoption discussion group
  • How to talk about adoption to children
  • Transcultural/interracial parenting
  • Creating a lifebook for your child
  • Educating extended family members
  • Developmental stages of adopted children
  • Communication with birth parents