Adoption Related Blogs

A list of blogs from all three sides of the adoption triad, as recommended by our members.

Adoptive Parents/Families

Production Not Reproduction | Heather hosts the Open Adoption Roundtable series, maintains the Open Adoption Bloggers list with bloggers from each part of the adoption triad, and blogs about life as an adoptive parent in a multi-racial family.

Life from Here: Musings from the Edge | Luna blogs eloquently about infertility, her open adoption experience via domestic infant adoption, and after a recent surprise pregnancy, as a mother to a biological daughter, as well.

Chasing a Child | Forty-something woman balances marriage, career as an attorney, motherhood through transracial domestic infant adoption to a 2 ½ year-old son, and now her pregnancy through embryo donation.

Not a Visitor | Alissa is a Caucasian adoptive mother to two African-American daughters, adopted domestically as infants. She writes about adoption, race, religion, marriage and life in the Pacific Northwest.

What Else Do We Need? | Sharon blogs about daily life as a mother to two boys and domestic transracial adoption. (We're very lucky to count her as a member of Celebrate Adoption Cincinnati, by the way!)

Blended | Stephanie, in Washington state, blogs about her bio-adoptive multiracial family, sharing ideas, advice, books, people, and organizations that have helped her in her family's journey. A mom of three little ones from eight to two, her oldest was adopted domestically, followed by two biological children.

Birth Parents

Adoption in the City | The heartfelt and frank blog of a 31-year-old NYC birthmother, who placed her son via domestic open adoption in May 2010.

Lia – Not Juno: Blundering into an Open Adoption | Lia offers a wry wit and brash writing about her experience as a birthmother, recent college grad, and her relationship with her son’s birthparents.

Chronicles of Munchkinland | Jenna describes herself as “a thirty-something writer, editor and photographer living in Ohio with my husband and two sons. I am also a birth mother involved in a fully open adoption since 2003.” She blogs about open adoption from a birthmother’s perspective.

Adult Adoptees

My Mind on Paper | Author Kevin Hofmann, who presented at Celebrate Adoption's annual Transracial/Transcultural Adoption Workshop in February 2011, shares insights into his experiences as an adult adoptee. As a biracial (African-American/Caucasian) man raised by a Caucasian family in Detroit at the height of the Civil Rights movement, Kevin is currently in the process of searching for his birthfather, having located his birthmother's family a few years ago.

Open Adoption

Open Adoption Blogs | A blogroll of nearly 200 different blogs written from all sides of open adoption. The blogs are authored by adult adoptees, first parents, adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and family members.